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Should you run in cold weather? Yes! | E-Neighborhood Advisor

Cold weather during winter months may
keep many people from leaving home and
running in the open air. However, a VOA
News reports that the drop in temperature
is a good reason to run. In fact, researchers
say, running in cold weather helps improve
one’s performance.

Many people say running in the winter can
be difficult. Two reasons are the low
temperatures and bitter winds. Yet many
runners might find it easier than running in
hot weather.

That could be because lower temperatures
reduce stress on the body. When you run in
cold weather, your heart rate and the
body’s dehydration levels are lower than in
warmer conditions. The body needs less
water on a cold day than in warm weather.

Many people, especially new runners,
believe that running in cold weather is
harmful. This is simply not the case for
healthy individuals. Some people even think
that the lungs can actually freeze -- again,
not possible, even in the coldest places on
the planet. When a person takes a breath,
the nose, mouth and throat warm the
entering air, so that by the time it reaches
the lungs, it has warmed to near body

Several websites note that the most
important thing for people who run in cold
conditions is to wear the right clothing.
Keeping as dry as possible is most
important when exercising in low
temperatures. Wear mittens on your hands
instead of gloves. Wear shoes that will keep
you from falling. And especially, wear more
than one layer of clothing to keep sweat
away from your skin.

So, if you are a runner, don’t let winter
weather keep you indoors. Simply get ready
for the low temperatures and start running.

For more tips about running in cold
weather, click here.

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P.S. Here's a joke for you!
What do runners do when they forget something? 
They jog their memory!

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