Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let's Get Social!

So as you have probably figured out by now, I like to write and explore different topics.  I wanted to be a little brief this week, while indeed saying hi like normal and that I appreciate the opportunity to have gotten to know you and work with you over the years.

I have come to realize lately that a lot of people don't know that I have an active blog at Capell Flooring where I explore a lot of different topics besides just flooring.  Please take a peek at it and let me know what you think.  I'm always open to feedback, and I want to make that fun, exciting, information, and entertaining for you.

The other thing I wanted to mention briefly this week is that here at my store Capell Flooring - we are very active on social media platforms, and would love to connect with you on your platform of choice.

Here are some of the sites we are on currently and we would love to be connected with you.

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Look forward to connecting with you and thanks for reading!

       Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

          Matt Capell
          President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

P.S.  Let's get social - please connect with us so we can stay in touch!!

P.P.S - Hey guys!  Mother's Day is coming so don't forget... :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

What is a Personal Chef?

Do you want a high-end dining experience in the comfort of your home with friends or a romantic evening with you special someone?

It is possible with a Personal Chef!
A Personal Chef meets with you to design a custom menu and then prepares it in your home kitchen to serve to you and your guests. In fact, hiring a personal Chef assures you will enjoy an excellent meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Also, you get to enjoy time with your guests while someone else prepares the food.

That’s because once the dinner date is scheduled and the menu decided, your Personal Chef shops for the best and freshest ingredients, takes care of all the prep work, and cooks that meal in your kitchen with perfect timing. The best part of that is you get to enjoy the rich aromas of a great meal without setting foot in the kitchen! Afterward, your Personal Chef takes care of the clean up before leaving.  Other than enjoying a great meal, you’d barely know your Chef was there.

To summarize here is what your Personal Chef does:

Before the event:
  • Discuss meal options, allergies, sensitivities, special dietary needs, and meal preferences with you.
  • Customize a menu to match the outcome of your discussion.
  • Shop for the freshest and healthiest ingredients, insuring each will meet special dietary needs such as organic, gluten, or nut free dining.

The day of your event:
  • Calculate the portions and ideal timing for each component of the meal.
  • Spend hours preparing your meal from chopping to marinating, blending spices, and so much more!
  • Cook and serve up every course to you and your guests in your home.
  • Does all the work so you feel no stress
  • Clean up when the meal is done and leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine dining at the fanciest restaurant. Then remove all the other patrons and staff. Change the environment to the living and dining areas of your home with decorations and elements of your choosing, like candlelight, and enjoy that upper-class meal.

That is the experience a Personal Chef brings into your home for you and your guests to enjoy. A culinary expert will spend hours ensuring you enjoy a high-end dining experience. All you need to do is hire a Personal Chef for those special occasions you want to enjoy in your home.

       Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

          Matt Capell
          President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

P.S.  Who is the next person you know who needs new flooring right now?  Can I count on you to pass my name along to them?  You’ll be doing them a tremendous favor by referring them to a professional they can trust.  Plus you’ll be rewarded for your referrals!  Thank you!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Time Saving Tricks

Do you venture out on the Internet to find great time-saving ideas that you may have to try to believe? Here are a few to try in the kitchen.

Spice Jar Labels
When you buy spices, do you transfer them into glass spice bottles at home? A quick way to label those jars is to cut the name of the spice, such as Chili, out of the package, affix face to clear sticky tape so that the name can be read on the non-stick side, then tape it to the outside of the spice bottle.
Peel Garlic
Whether it’s only a clove or an entire bulb, toss it into an empty bottle. Place the lid securely on top and then shake it vigorously. You can even dance around the kitchen while you shake that jar for a few minutes. You will see the garlic skins falling away inside. When done dump out the contents, separate the clean garlic cloves, and discard the skins.

Keep the Water in the Pot
Prevent a rapidly boiling pot from overflowing that foam and water by laying a wooden spoon over the top. It does keep the bubbling foam in the pot!

Peel Hard Boiled Eggs
You can peel hard boiled eggs quickly. After they are boiled and rapidly cooled, place them in a bowl that has a tight-fitting lid. Next add some water, about half the level of the eggs, and then secure place the lid on top. Now, as with the garlic, shake vigorously in all directions for a minute. When you remove the lid, most, if not all, the egg shells will easily slide away. 

For a single egg use a glass or small jar, add the water, and shake until the shell falls away.

If you wonder about cooking the perfect egg, here is a video that shows you how. 

The are many shortcuts and quick solutions on the Internet. The best places to find them is on Pinterest, YouTube, and shared by friends on Facebook. I hope the ideas I shared above will save you time in the kitchen.

       Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

          Matt Capell
          President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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They’ll walk you through a series of questions that will help narrow down the thousands of options to the two or three that exactly match your unique situation. 

They’ll also give you a written, customized “maintenance” plan with their professional recommendations for getting the longest life and beauty out of your floor. 

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Benefits of Artistic Influence in a Room

Did you know that April is Decorating Month? Where you live has a major impact on your mood, which is why our home décor is so important.
 Most interior designers agree that wall art is one of the most cost-effective ways to create ambiance in any room. As new technology evolves from the internet to digital photography, your choices are vast and potentially just a click or two away. Your art becomes the focal point in the overall success of a room design. 
Here’s what to consider when choosing your focal point.

One Piece
Rather than focusing on style, choose a piece of art that you truly like, one you know will provide gratification for years to come. Art is a reflection of you and it sets the mood of your room.

If your room already contains furnishings, consider a couple of the bolder colors already in the room that you want to find in the artwork. The color is also an important element in your design if you are choosing the painting first.

Know your room measurements and the size of the wall where your artwork will hang. If the artwork is too big, it can overwhelm a room, and if it’s too small, it will look lost. Try to envision the art piece on your wall and in the context of your room. You may also consider a few related smaller pieces nearby rather than one larger piece on a wall.

The style of your furnishings should also be considered. In a more modern décor setting, unframed art may create a better effect than traditional framing; whereas ornate frames suit older style rooms.

Artistic Style
Wall art is available in a variety of styles, including paint, photographic, and dimensional using wood, canvas, metal, glass, and more. Take advantage of these styles to enhance your desired décor in the room.

Decide what works best for you and the space you’re decorating.

      Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

          Matt Capell
          President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

P.S.... Continue reading this month's copy of the Home Advisor - by clicking this link below: Be Sure to Enter the Mega Trivia Contest for a chance to win a Free Gift Certificate to a restaurant of your choice.  See past winners and archives here in case you missed an issue. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crazy Days On April's Calendar

In our printed and mailed Home Advisor, we provide key days each month on the front page. There are many other not-so-common days throughout the year and April is no exception.

From April Fool’s, or Fun Day on April 1st, each day of the month has many different theme days.

Here is a list of the more unusual:

02 – Pillow Fight Day
03 – World Party Day
04 -  Walk Around Things Day
05 – Read a Road Map Day
06 – Day of Hope
07 – No Housework Day
08 – Zoo Lovers Day
09 – Name Yourself Day
10 – International Safety Pin Day
11 – Barbershop Quartet Day
12 – Walk on the Wild Side Day
13 – Scrabble Day
14 – Look up at the Sky Day
15 – Take a Wild Guess Day
16 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day
17 – Blah Blah Blah Day
18 – Pet Owners Independence Day
19 – Garlic Day
20 – Chinese Language Day

There are so many more unique days on the first 20 days of the month. To see those names and the rest of the month visit the Days of the Year website.

       Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

          Matt Capell
          President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

Continue reading this month's copy of the Home Advisor - by clicking the link below: Be Sure to Enter the Mega Trivia Contest for a chance to win a Free Gift Certificate to a restaurant of your choice.  See past winners and archives here in case you missed an issue.