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Landlord's Guide to Flooring in a Rental Property

 Landlord's Guide to Flooring in a Rental Property


At some point, you will want to change the flooring in your rental property. The reason may be that the flooring has lost its appeal after serving you or the former owner for many years. This is the most common reason landlords replace the flooring in a rental property, says Windermere Property Management.

Another reason may be that you are renovating the property and want to upgrade the flooring to something that will match the other changes you have made in the rental. You may also want to change your flooring to something easier to manage. 

Regardless of your reason for wanting to replace the flooring in your rental, you still need to decide what kind of flooring to install. Choosing a flooring material that matches your rental needs can be challenging with the number of flooring options. 

The flooring in a rental property matters because: 

  • Because flooring changes the ambiance of the entire home, it can work with or against the overall design of the rental to improve or diminish its appeal.
  • The flooring is one of the first things potential tenants see; the wrong choice will hurt your ability to attract the best tenants. Flooring also influences the rental rate for rental.
  • The flooring you choose has implications for the operational cost of the property. The wrong flooring will make it more complicated or expensive to maintain your rental.


What is the best flooring option for a rental property? What criteria should you use when selecting that flooring? Below are the things you want to consider when choosing flooring for a rental.

Beauty: The flooring should complement the style of your property. You want to be sure that it will appeal to the kind of tenants you are targeting.

  • Cost: Cheap flooring in an upscale rental or expensive flooring in a low-budget rental doesn’t make sense. Flooring should justify the price point for the rental.
  • Durability: How long do you expect the floor to last? You have a choice between flooring that you will replace every few years and flooring that will last for decades.
  • Installation: The cost of installing the floor and the time it takes are essential. If the rental is already in operation, do you want flooring that will take ages to install?
  • Maintenance: How much work will you and your tenants need to do to keep the flooring clean? Is the floor easily damaged? 

The best flooring options for a rental property 

1.    Hardwood 

Hardwood can be sanded, resurfaced, or stained to give it a different look. Hardwood floors are so durable that they can last a lifetime. When it comes to flooring, hardwood is in a class by itself. No other flooring comes close to the appeal and character you get with hardwood, which is why no other flooring is often designed to mimic hardwood. The only issue with hardwood floors is cost. Hardwood floors are not the cheapest option and require a bit of care. They are best for upscale rental properties.


2.    Tile

Tile is a highly versatile flooring option with various colors, designs, and finishes. Tile is available at various price points and is very durable. The problem with tiles is that it has limited application. Tiles won’t work in some rooms because they don’t convey that sense of warmth which is often a huge factor for prospective renters.


Also, tile floors feel cold underfoot; they may not be the best option when trying to create comfort. Tile is best used in areas where moisture and dirt are significant issues; entryways, mudrooms, laundry, kitchen, and bathroom.


3.    Vinyl plank 

This is one of the most popular flooring options for rental properties, partly because they let you recreate the appearance of hardwood flooring without the cost of natural hardwood. Vinyl plank is affordable and easy to install; it can go over the existing flooring in your rental (no need to spend money tearing up the old floor).


Vinyl planks come in two varieties; a glue-down version and click-in vinyl planks. Both types of vinyl planks are easy to install, come in several color options, and are easy to clean.


4.    Carpet

Finding another flooring option that offers the level of coziness you get with carpets is hard. The trouble with carpets is that they get dirty quickly and are easily damaged (rips, stains, and fraying). Also, you can only clean carpet floors so often, so they are not a very durable option.


That said, carpets are still a great flooring option if you use them correctly. Carpets are an excellent choice for bedrooms. You can also deploy area rugs in different parts of the home; they can go over hardwood floors, tiles, or vinyl planks to add more warmth to a room.

Thanks for reading from Capell Flooring and Interiors,

Rob - Guest Post from Windermere Property Management

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Happy Telephone Tuesday from Your Friends at Capell Flooring and Interiors

We wanted to wish you a very Happy Telephone Tuesday! We look forward to taking your call or text. ☎ 208-288-0151 Learn more about us here: #telephonetuesday #capellflooring #boiseflooring #idahome Capell Flooring and Interiors specializes in making your floors happy again. Is your carpet tired and worn out? We can replace it! Are you interested in getting luxury vinyl planking throughout your whole main level? We do this all the time here in the Boise, Idaho, area. Do your hardwood floors need to be refinished? We can do that too. If you have questions, please let us know, and we would love to work with you on your next flooring project. We are a full-servicing flooring retailer in the Boise, Idaho, area. We sell all types of flooring, carpet, hardwood sand and finish, engineered hardwood, sheet vinyl, laminate wood, luxury vinyl, etc. We do remodeling, new construction, and tenant improvement commercial work. We love what we do, and it shows in our work. We love being social, and please join us on our networks online. Join the Conversation: Subscribe to the Main Capell Flooring YouTube Channel: Capell Flooring and Interiors Flooring | Carpet | Hardwood | LVT/LVP | Laminate Wood | Sheet Vinyl Custom | Area Rug Binding | Hardwood Refinishing Boise, Idaho Area since 1974 Voted Idaho's Best Flooring Store 2020-2022 🏆 🏆 🏆 Best of Houzz Service 8 years running #idahome #thisisboise #hellomeridian #capellflooring #boise #showusyourfloors

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Happy September Everyone from your Friends at Capell Flooring and Interiors - Boise Idaho's Flooring Store


Even with warm weather lingering, we know that Summer has come to a close, and we are all transitioning into another beautiful Fall season.  We love these transitional times at STORE.  They provide an opportunity to reflect and look forward to the future and everything in store for us.  The fall season brings with it weather, style, and color changes – in the world and in design!

If this time of year inspires you to make changes in your home, we’re here for you!  Our design experts can show you all the latest flooring styles, colors, and textures and help you choose the right product for your home.

NOTE:  We always want to take the opportunity in September to let you know that although the holidays still feel like a long way off, they’re really just right around the corner!  If you are thinking about having new flooring installed in time for that big Thanksgiving Dinner you’re planning, now is the time to reach out!

The last thing you want to be scrambling to get finished before the first guest arrives is an interior design project.  Having your beautiful new flooring finished early allows you plenty of time to stress getting that turkey the perfect bronze color just as everyone sits down at your dinner table.

We have a super fun newsletter called the eNeighborhood Advisor.  We would love to have you as part of our flooring family.  Here is where you can sign up for it for free:  Click Here

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School is Almost Back in Session for all the Boise, Idaho Area - Capell Flooring and Interiors


Dear Friends, 

I don’t know about you, but it’s all sharpened pencils and new backpacks over here! School shopping is in full swing, and anticipation of the new school year (and hopefully a ‘normal’ one) has us buzzing.

A new school year brings with it more social events. Do you anticipate holding any fundraiser events in your home? Or team meetings? School club meetings? The possibilities are endless.

The bigger question is – are your floors ready for the added traffic?

Our team will help you choose exactly the right product and style for your needs, and our expert installers will ensure that it’s perfectly placed in your home’s unique floor plan. Our goal isn’t just to sell a bit of carpet or tile; it’s to become your trusted flooring provider for life. Summer may be coming to a close, but we’re in this for the long haul – and we’re delighted to have you as a part of the Capell Flooring family. 

We have a super fun newsletter called the eNeighborhood Advisor. We would love to have you as part of our flooring family. Here is where you can sign up for it for free:  Click Here

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8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing and Productive



8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing and Productive


    Home offices aren't always the most relaxing places. But with a few simple and inexpensive changes, you can turn your Meridian, ID home office into an oasis of calm — making you more focused and less stressed. Whether you want to de-clutter, bring in more natural light, or create spaces for hobbies, here are eight easy ways to make your home more relaxing and productive.

1. Change the Layout

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging space for better energy flow. To apply it in your home, create a layout balanced with five elements: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. 

2. Add Plants

You don't need to live in a greenhouse to enjoy nature. Plants help purify indoor air and make you feel happier while increasing productivity. Choose a few of your favorites, such as bamboo palms or fiddle leaf figs. Alternatively, select a succulent or other easy-to-care-for plant.

3. Install Natural Light

To make your home more relaxing, consider maximizing natural light through windows by removing dark drapes or painting walls in a lighter color. If you want a space that fosters creativity, sitting near natural rather than artificial light can boost your mood and productivity.

4. Clear Your Workspace

If you work from home, a dedicated workspace away from distractions is key. Having an area that's free of clutter and ready for work is vital for getting things done. This doesn't mean you need an expensive desk in a separate room. Even a large coffee table or space on your dining room table can make a big difference.

5. De-clutter

Start by decluttering anything that doesn't spark joy. That might mean a set of dumbbells or a seldom-used treadmill. Then tackle items in miscellaneous piles: small appliances, spare chargers for devices, or mail you don't need to keep.

6. Create a Hobby Space

To make your hobby a relaxing escape, create a designated space in your home where you can do it. It could be a corner of an unused room or even just one part of a room already used for another purpose. The key is to have enough privacy to get lost in your project for hours without distractions to boost your mood and creativity.

7. Create an Adult Wellness Space

Making a wellness space helps you stay on track for fitness goals by reinforcing healthy habits, such as meditation or yoga. A wellness space can be any area of your home dedicated to relaxation, whether an entire room or just a corner of your bedroom. Transform a corner into a zen oasis with simple additions, such as soft lighting, soothing colors, and fresh flowers.

8. Focus on Floors

Thicker flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, can provide extra padding underfoot. If you're looking to create an open-concept floor plan for your office, update your floors with fewer transitions. Removing a wall between two rooms, for example, can transform the atmosphere of a space.

Relax and Be More Productive

    Regardless of what space you're trying to make more comfortable, these tips can help you relax and become more productive. Visit Capell Flooring and Interiors, specialists in creating new spaces and flooring in Meridian.

-Guest Writer: Patrick Young

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Welcome to July 2022 | Capell Flooring and Interiors

Dear Friends, 

Summer is in full swing now and with things falling back into something resembling normal, life can seem like one barbeque after another.  We’ll take that!  Summer holidays are a great time to come together with friends, or with family, or sometimes with your whole city!  We’ve listed every reason we could find to celebrate and listed them on our calendar so we don’t miss an opportunity.

Here at Capell Flooring, we want to make sure your floors can stand up to the added traffic of an impromptu summer get-together, or a well-planned party. That’s why we stock a wide selection of quality products, and why every one of our employees makes it their mission to help you choose the product that will best suit your needs and budget. It also means you can rest easy any time you refer your friends, family, or coworkers to us because you know they’ll be taken care of. If you have any questions about the flooring options that are best for your home – or just want to stop in to say hi or see what’s new – we’d love to see you. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to read the Neighborhood Advisor. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Your friend,

Matt Capell

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Phrases Great Leaders Never Say to Employees | E-Neighborhood Advisor

 Happy Saturday! - Hope you have a great one!

Writer Maya Angelou was only half right when she said that people won't remember what you said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. True, unless you're talking about toxic things that careless leaders say. People will remember the exact words, and exactly how they made them feel—and it’s not good, according to Inc magazine.

1. “Person X is doing better.”
Ugh. Never make comparisons like this. The only reason to use this phrase would be to motivate someone to improve (which it absolutely won’t) or to berate them (shame on you).

2. “Bring me solutions, not problems.”
Baloney. Real leaders want problems surfaced and don’t want to shoot the messenger. Yes, the employee should think through options for solving the problem, but sometimes they need your help. This absolute a statement leads to problems buried versus brought forth.

3. “I don't have any feedback for you.”
You don’t have any or you can’t have any, because you’re not in tune with the employee’s strengths and opportunities or weren’t paying enough attention to the specifics of their performance?

4. “You don’t need to know why—just execute.”
Actually, they do need to know why. Surveys conducted for Make It Matter revealed 58 percent of employees ranked “Not knowing why I’m asked to do what I do” as a top three de-motivator.

5. “I'll do it myself.”
And you’ll be by yourself, on an island, without support. This is horrid on two fronts. First, it’s the opposite of granting autonomy, which employees crave. Second, it says, “I know better than you” and “I'm a control freak” -- both are debilitating.

6. “Because I’m the boss.”
So what? It's about personal power, not position power. This phrase is a cop out and a weak way to hide behind authority. You might get compliance. You’ll never get commitment. You'll get followers by hierarchy. But never by heart.

7. “Why did you do it that way?”
This phrase is an accusation by nature. If you use it, be clear it’s inquisitive in nature. If the intent is to point out flaws, instead ask, “How might things have been done better?”

8. “Good job.”
Bland feedback is like white bread -- it’s not nutritious. Instead, get granular and let them know what about the job they did was good, and why.
9. “You need to do more with less.”
A platitude. And an offensive one. No duh, we should do more with less. How about giving insight as to how, or what you’ll do to help us be more efficient? It’s a frustrating, never-ending quest to just keep producing more with less resources. Even if it’s true, it requires more context and aid offered.

10. “That’s your problem.”
Wrong. If you’re a leader, it’s your problem too. There’s no faster way to ditch accountability than to use this sentence.

11. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but...”
But you’re beating around the bush. This says “I haven’t really thought through the feedback I have for you” or “I'm too timid to be direct with you.”

12. “I don’t have time right now.”
Or is it that you won’t make time? The best leaders I had always did. Or even if they truly didn’t, the refusal was properly couched, with an explanation of why and a counteroffer of when and where they could connect.

13. “Are you questioning my authority?”
This smacks of insecurity and the inability to handle debate or conflict. Great leaders welcome questioning; they know it makes them, the idea, and the outcome stronger.

14. “Our boss is a moron.”
So unprofessional. If you show the troops you’re willing to talk about your boss, how do they know you won’t throw them under the bus? Don’t bash your boss, peers, or anybody in front of the troops. It’s not what real leaders do.

15. “My predecessor was terrible.”
This one is related to the previous and may even be more despicable because it comes across as a veiled attempt to pump yourself up. Disrespect and self-promotion are a sour mix.

16. “I’m disappointed in you.”
Ouch. As with children, it’s never about the person, it’s always about the behavior. You can be disappointed in the work they did or the outcome but making it about them as a person is something they often don’t recover from.

17. “It’s not my fault.”
If you’re a leader, it’s definitely at least partly your fault. Own it. Be accountable. Look to the room to give credit and in the mirror for blame.
So choose your words wisely—but not these words. Leading and working is often challenging. It is best to use the golden rule, and treat people with kindness.

Your Flooring Consultant,
Matt Capell
Phone (208) 288-0151
P.S. Here's a joke for you!
What’s the worst part about working at a calendar factory? 
No days off.

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Why Venting Doesn’t Work | E-Neighborhood Advisor

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Many of us think venting will make things feel a little better, whether it’s complaining to co-workers about a micromanaging boss or airing frustration with your partner and kids. But while blowing off steam often feels like it works to extinguish negative emotions, State of Mind says that academic papers and clinical work with patients show it doesn’t. In fact, it often makes things worse.

The idea of venting can be traced as far back as Aristotle, but Freud is the one who really popularized the notion of catharsis. Most of what we assume about the need to “let it out” comes from his assertions about the danger of unexpressed feelings.

Neuroscience—specifically, neural plasticity—explains why venting reinforces negative emotions. You can think of our brain circuitry like hiking trails. The ones that get a lot of traffic get smoother and wider, with brush stomped down and pushed back. The neural pathways that sit fallow grow over, becoming less likely to be used. Kindergarten teachers are thus spot on when they say, “The thoughts you water are the ones that grow.” This is also true for emotions, like resentment, and the ways we respond to them, like venting. The more we vent, the more likely we are to vent in the future.
Why do we still do it?
For starters, venting can be like scratching a mosquito bite. It feels like it works at first. Studies have shown a drop in diastolic blood pressure of 1 to 10 points after venting. But they show no attendant drop in hostility. It feels like we release anger or frustration, but we don’t. Even if we didn’t experience this temporary alleviation, there’s the fact that negative feelings naturally dissipate over time. People who do nothing assume the abatement owes to time; people who vent believe venting did the trick. And our choices can be self-reinforcing. If it seems like venting worked, we’re less likely to abide by social norms around holding back in the future.

Another culprit reinforcing the “catharsis hypothesis” is media messaging. Emotional awareness is on the rise, with more Americans understanding concepts like trauma and toxic positivity. We’ve gotten the message that we need to acknowledge our emotions and set boundaries in our workplaces and relationships. But complaining to co-workers about your office manager switching muffin brands isn’t the same as whistleblowing, and an occasional gripe is different from constant negativity. In more general terms, embracing our feelings isn’t the same as expressing them, and not all forms of expression are created equal. Realizing “I’m angry” (always OK) is a different beast from telling someone “I’m angry” (sometimes OK), and it’s even further from berating someone for causing your anger (not OK).

We want to give in to the urge to wallow, to do damage, to invite company into our misery. We also can feel closer to others when we expose them to our raw emotion, and if there’s one reliable truth about human psychology, it’s that we desire connection so much that we’ll take it in negative forms when we can’t get positive ones. But venting often doesn’t work to enhance intimacy; it can even isolate us further, whether we’re talking about getting a bad rep among our colleagues for being a negative Nancy, undermining our partner’s sense of trust and safety, or having people in our social circles associate us with stress.

None of this means you should repress your emotions or never grouse to your loved ones. In fact, studies on “social sharing” show that the productiveness of this type of venting depends on how it’s done. According to a 2019 paper, “When Chatting About Negative Experiences Helps—and When It Hurts,” recounting a negative experience takes you right back there emotionally and physiologically, just like the grievance narrative research shows. That leads to an increase in negativity.

Chatting with friends can bring closure when they help you reconstrue an event, rather than just recount it. What does that look like? Asking why you think the other person acted that way, prodding to see whether there’s anything to be learned from it all, and just generally broadening your perspective to “the grand scheme of things.”

There are lots of other things you can do when overwhelmed by negative emotion. Try “square breathing,” four breaths in and four breaths out, in order to take your body out of fight-or-flight mode. If that doesn’t work, there’s another schoolteacher trick: Cross your arms in front of you like steps five and six of the macarena; make fists, pretending one holds a bouquet and the other a candle; breathe in the roses; and blow out the flame. Psychologists call techniques like this “psychological distancing,” and studies show that they’re an effective way to defuse upsetting emotions like anger. When a modicum of calm descends, try to identify the root of your frustration by asking yourself: “Why am I so upset about this?” Ultimately, anger is like smoke. You have to get at what’s feeding the fire. After sitting with your emotions, move forward by problem-solving, scheduling a future time to discuss underlying issues, or using any number of other healthy coping mechanisms.
I think it is best to try to stop counting venting (without any reconstruction following your vent) among them. 😊 Our company feels it is best to treat people with kindness, and I personally find a good long walk helps me too. Thanks for reading.

Your Flooring Consultant,
Matt Capell
Phone (208) 288-0151
P.S. Here's a joke for you!
A woman in a store was complaining vehemently about her bathroom fan.
I guess she really needed to vent.

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Tips for Making a Move to Boise


Image via Pexels


 Tips for Making a Move to Boise

Boise is a hot place right now. Touted by many, this bustling city is one of the fastest growing in the US. With mild weather, plenty of outdoor activities, a growing economy, a connected community and a rising food scene, this city is great for families and millennials alike. And there's something to suit every taste.

When preparing for your move to Boise, advanced planning will help streamline the process. Read on for practical resources from the pros at Capell Flooring and Interiors to help simplify your transition.

Find Your Dream Home

Before you can move, you need a place to stay.

       Determine a budget for your future home, taking into account the down payment, closing costs, and home inspection.

       If you're buying property out of state, work with a local Realtor who knows the area.

       When determining your mortgage needs, factor in upgrades you'll want to make, like adding a security fence.

       Before you sign on the dotted line, assess the neighborhood the property is in.

 Start Planning Your Move in Advance

 Leave sufficient time to get through your pre-moving checklist to avoid last-minute stress.

        Create a comprehensive checklist to structure your move.

       If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to set up your business structure (i.e., LLC, partnership, corporation, etc.) and register with the state of Idaho before beginning operations there.

       Find trustworthy professionals to help with your move online. If you're going out of state, make sure they offer long-distance services.

       Set aside one bag or box of essentials you'll need on move-in day and bring it with you instead of sending it with the movers.

       If you have kids and pets, prepare accordingly.

 Get Settled Into Your New Community

 The moving process doesn't end once you've arrived. There are still things to do.

        Take proactive steps to introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

       Download mobile apps that connect you to the surrounding community.

       Look up local events online that you can attend to get a better sense of your new surroundings.

       Don't forget practicalities. Rely on online resources and references to find service providers like electricians, plumbers, and more in your new hometown

Boise truly is a great place to call home. Wherever you decide to go, the resources above can help simplify your move. This will minimize stress and allow you to focus on the excitement of settling into a brand new chapter of your life.

For all your flooring needs, visit Capell Flooring and Interiors today!

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Mini Makeover: Simple Ways to Revive Your Home

 Looking for new flooring to give your home a great makeover? Capell Flooring and Interiors wants to help! We can help you choose the perfect material, and offer professional experience you can count on. Call today! 208-288-0151


Photo via Pexels

Mini Makeover: Simple Ways to Revive Your Home

If your home is starting to feel boring, dull, or otherwise uninspiring, it’s time to make some improvements! Aim to turn your home into a calmer and healthier space that reflects your values and aligns with your needs. Your home environment should spark your creativity, foster relaxation, and offer comfort at the end of a long day. Here’s how to achieve it!


Do Some Redecorating


If you want to refresh your home but don’t want to invest in costly remodeling projects, a little light decorating will do the job! Paint the walls and invest in a few new interior decorations. Better yet, to really personalize your living spaces, check into wallpaper that’s customizable. You’ll find that there’s a wide range of easy-to-apply prepasted and removable wallpaper products on the market, some that even allow you to upload your own designs! You can also play around with colors and textures.


Swap out old, worn furniture for modern pieces that reflect your personality. This is a great chance to use your home décor to make small rooms feel bigger and large rooms feel cozier. Using interior design hacks, like installing mirrors and hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains, can trick the eye into seeing a room as bigger than it really is!


Updated flooring can make a significant difference in the look and feel of a home. Consider switching from carpet to hardwood or laminate, or swap out worn carpet for a new color with a fresh design. Or perhaps it’s time to give your kitchen the update you’ve been dreaming off with new countertops, a fresh look for cabinets and a


Lastly, take a look at your bedroom. This room should feel like a safe and secure sanctuary. Choose calm colors for your furnishings, linens, paint, and décor. Add layered lighting so you can turn off bright overhead lights in the evening and enjoy a warm, atmospheric glow. You may even want to add a soothing scent to your bedroom in the form of candles, fresh flowers, or an essential oil diffuser.


Invest in Outdoor Improvements


Don’t let your home design improvements stop with the inside of your home. During the pandemic, we all spent a lot more time enjoying our outdoor living areas. By now, you likely have a few ideas for improvements that would make your landscaping work better for you and your family. If you want some space for your kids to run around, but you could do with a little less lawn maintenance, some strategic landscaping is in order. Hire a professional who provides landscape design services to help you optimize the use of your outdoor space, ensuring the result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Another option is to add an outdoor kitchen. This is a great update if your family likes to spend a lot of time in the backyard and loves to cook. A sink, an island range hood, a built-in gas grill and durable counterspace will bring together the perfect outdoor escape.


Bring the Outdoors Inside


Incorporating plants into your interior decor is a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral palette or compliment a colorful design. Plus, indoor plants have been shown to provide mental and physical health benefits! Indoor plants can reduce stress and anxiety, boost productivity, improve your air quality, and lower blood pressure. You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy these benefits. Plenty of indoor plants can thrive with very little effort from you!


Do Away with Clutter


If you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on redecorating your home, work on organizing it from A to Z. You can start by decluttering, which is one the best things you can do to refresh your space. Getting rid of the stuff you no longer want, creating space to store everything you use, and keeping the visual clutter to a minimum can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Eliminating clutter will help you think more clearly, clean more efficiently, and get more out of your available space. Stylist suggests decluttering in small, bite-sized chunks so you can avoid getting overwhelmed.


It’s been a long couple of years living with the pandemic. Are you ready to shake things up? Cleaning, redecorating, and otherwise improving your home can help you put the pandemic behind you and start fresh!