Saturday, June 17, 2017

Do you want to save money on decor updates?

Home decor trends are continuously changing. However, unlike buying annual fashion updates, it would be too costly to update your home every time there is a change in interior design trends.

Sometimes making a few inexpensive adjustments and updates can give a room an entirely fresh and new look. Fortunately, there are free ideas everywhere.

Of course, there are waiting room magazines, and plenty of options at the local library to review. When flipping through these resources, take note of what kinds of trends and designs catch your eye, and what specifically you like about them.

Another great source for home decor and decorating ideas is ‘window shopping’ at furniture and department stores. The displays they create to showcase their wares can spark new ideas about how to showcase your own home.  

Or course, sites like Pinterest offer a great source of decorating inspiration. There are thousands of images displaying home decor and decorating ideas online. There are sites that explain in depth decorating information and step-by-step instructions.

Some sites offer tips to help you achieve specific styles in your home, like 10 Inexpensive Decorating Ideas from HGTV or 20 Low-Cost Decorating Ideas from Real Simple. They share ideas about lighting, fabric, floors (we can help you with those!) and more.

You can also choose a room, like family room, and ask Google for ‘family room decorating ideas’. In your results you will find lots of sites to inspire you like 60 Cozy Designer Family Rooms from House Beautiful.

Little changes can make a big difference, and when you look around your beautiful home at the changes you created, it can be very rewarding.

Which room are you going to collect ideas for first?

        Your Flooring Consultant,

        Matt Capell, President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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