Saturday, May 28, 2016

Benefits of Reading Before Bed

Is your bedtime routine something you look forward to each night? Not everyone has a nighttime routine that could be considered healthy. In fact, many end the day by just stopping and plunking into bed because the clock indicates it's time.

Having a nightly ritual can improve your quality of sleep and the addition of reading before bed enhances that quality.

By getting into your pajamas, brushing your teeth, and sliding into bed to read a good book by your favorite author, it allows your brain to relax away from the pressures of the day. It also helps separate you from any stresses that otherwise prevent you from falling asleep.

Book reading has been recognized to benefit those suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. While reading may never be a complete form of treatment, doctors in Britain prescribe it to patients with mild to moderate forms of mental illness and many patients report an alleviation from their symptoms.

Plus, reading can improve overall vocabulary, knowledge levels, and how our brains work. Reading can make us smarter!

It's important to note, the benefits of reading before bed can get hindered by what you read. Avoid business, magazines, and news, which can add to existing stress. Instead, keep the reading material before bed light and low intensity.

Be it a book of fiction or autobiography of your favorite celebrity, give a new bedtime reading ritual a try. Challenge yourself to read for 15 to 30 minutes before bed every night for 21 days and see what happens to the quality of your sleep.

                 Your Flooring Consultant For Life,

                       Matt Capell
                       President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring Clean the Lowly Places

Now that spring is in full swing and it’s spring cleaning time, why not consider out-of-sight places in your home?
When cleaning, attack these often overlooked places:

Above and Below the Appliances

When's the last time you looked underneath your fridge and stove, or washer and dryer? Who knows what has gathered underneath them or how much dust is on the refrigerator? Are your appliances due to be pulled out, wiped down, and around? Plus, don't forget to clean out the dryer exhaust. Accumulating lint can be a fire hazard.

Inside the Dishwasher

You put your dirty dishes inside and run them through dishwasher cleaning cycle, but are your dishes coming out as clean as they once did? If they aren’t, it could be because your dishwasher needs a proper cleaning of its own. Over time the dishwasher gains a buildup of soap scum and food debris. See tips on how to clean your dishwasher

The Couch Hiding Places

People often clean the surface of the couch. They even clean and fluff up the cushions, but what about the hiding places of your sofa? Down between the arm and bench, along the back and underneath the couch - those out-of-sight places - often slip by the cleaning process. Pull your couch out, even tilt it up and allow your vacuum to suck up dust, hair, and dander that hides in those places.  You may even get to feed the piggy bank a few coins found along the way.

The Vacuum Cleaner
Once the house is spring fresh, turn to the vacuum cleaner. Whether your vacuum traps dirt in a container you empty or a throwaway bag, it can get pretty dusty. It's a good time to thoroughly clean the vacuum. Open up accessible areas, then pull or trim away hairs and threads wrapped around the roller bar, and wipe down all exposed areas with a damp rag. Plus, where possible, clean the filter with warm water or replace filters that cannot withstand exposure to water. Clean or new filters will improve the airflow of your vacuum and increase suction power. Allow the pieces to completely dry before reassembly and it's ready to go again!

             Your Flooring Consultant for Life,
                   Matt Capell
                   President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Things to Do in Spring

Spring is in full swing, and the weather is getting much less rainy. I hope you're getting out and enjoying it with family and friends. This is a good time of year to do something different, and there are a lot of things to do that won’t cost much money!
Enjoy Nature

It's an excellent opportunity to get out of the house and absorb some sunshine. Go for a bike ride or a hike. On a day off consider packing lunch, grabbing an old blanket, and enjoying an old-fashioned picnic in the park. You could even take some bread and feed ducks.

Feel Nostalgic

Reconnect with your childhood. Get outside for some activities with the kids like tag! Create some sidewalk chalk art on the driveway or sidewalk. If it rains, jump in those puddles. Search the yard for a four-leaf clover! You could even fly a kite if space allows.

Get Fresh

This time of year farmer's markets start to open up again. Go get some fresh produce and artisan products, then prepare a wholesome meal. Consider making a batch of cupcakes and decorate them with your loved ones.

Another thing that’s popular to eat this time of year and it’s perfect for feeling young at heart are good old-fashioned jelly beans! I love jelly beans!

                 Your Flooring Consultant for Life,
                     Matt Capell
                     President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day

This Sunday, May 8th, is Mother's Day. A day to honor mothers and their role in society.
Like many, the relationship you share with your mom has its ups and downs, but Sunday is a reminder that no matter what, you love, care, and appreciate her.

Throughout our lives, in most cases mom is the one who has cared for us, taken care of our bumps and bruises, and been our greatest advocate. After all, a Mom's life revolves around her family! That's why she deserves this day of recognition.

The concept of Mother's Day goes back to the 1600s, but our modern day Mother's Day legacy began with a campaign in the US by Ann Marie Jarvis in 1905 when her mother passed away. She started a campaign to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday to honor mothers as the person who does more for you than any other person in the world.

Though the US Congress rejected Anna's proposal for a national holiday, even mocking her, by 1911 every US State observed Mother's Day and, in 1914, Woodrow Wilson officially deemed the second Monday in May as a national holiday to honor mothers. The second Sunday of May was also the day Ann Marie Jarvis lost her mother.

The following year, in 1915, the second Monday of May also became officially recognized as Mother's Day in Canada.

Spend time with your mom this weekend. Honor her with your siblings and the other significant people in your mom's life.  If your mom has passed, why not gather with all the same people in remembrance of who she was and the impact she had on your lives?

Your kids, spouse, parents - even your in-laws - all hold a special place, so this Mother’s Day honor Mom and let the rest of your family know how much you appreciate them too.

Have a great weekend!

            Your Flooring Consultant for Life,

                Matt Capell
                President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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