Saturday, February 1, 2020

Welcome to February 2020 | Capell Flooring and Interiors

Dear friends,

Welcome to February’s Issue of the Neighborhood Advisor!

As it’s the month of love, we’ve got a variety of exciting articles, trivia and
puzzles made especially for you.

Valentine’s Day has truly evolved over the years. It was a day that was once a
celebration for lovers and that special someone; and for those who are single it
was a bit of a “whatever day” because frankly we couldn’t care less. The great
news is Valentines Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. We see a rise of
Valentines Day being celebrated with friends. For instance, Valentine’s Day is a
celebration of a platonic friendship among women and is becoming more and
more popular. We even find Valentines Day being celebrated among family

We’re happy with this shift but let’s not reserve one day to show love to our
friends, family, or that special loved one. As a business we’d like to extend a
Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends we look forward to showing love to your
homes and every single one of you that walk through our doors.

Your friend,

Matt Capell

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