Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why you need to back up your computer data

It is estimated that more than 25% of computer users have never backed up data. Are you among them?

Have you ever been on the downside of a computer crash and lost all your files, pictures and data? Many have.

Computer data is lost for more reasons than a crash. There are incidences of theft, flood, fire, viruses, and malicious software. So, it's no surprise that there is now a 'World Backup Day' - March 31st - to help educate the public about the risk of data loss and prompt us to take action and back up critical computer files.

World Backup Day may not be a day of celebration and fun in March, but if you take the action of backing up your data, this day could lead to a future sigh of relief or celebration because that backup exists!

Creating a backup of your files, videos, pictures and other critical data that you don't want to lose is as simple as duplicating those files somewhere other than your computer. Consider an external hard drive or an online drive - also called cloud storage - like OneDriveDropbox or Google Drive. As a precaution, it is important to consider more than one backup location.

If there is someone in your life who you'd like to see participate in World Backup Day, please forward this message to them. 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Flooring Dealer,

           Matt Capell
           President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here is the start to your Home Owner's Spring Checklist

It is no secret that owning a home can be costly if not well maintained. That's why preventative care is vital to ward off costly home repairs down the road.

First, inspect your roof. Note the material used - asphalt, metal, concrete, clay - check for any damage and spots that require repair. Take care of those as soon as possible, especially if there is a risk of water penetrating into your home.

Clear the gutters. Though this may have been done in the fall, winds and flying debris may have landed in them over the winter. Clogged and restricted gutters could also bring water damage to your home.

Clean or replace HVAC filters. Before you know it, it will be time to turn the air conditioning on. In some areas, this is already the case. When the HVAC system operates with dirty filters it causes the system to work harder, drain more power, and restrict air flow.

Clean the dryer ventilation. This is not just the lint trap, but the back of the dryer and hose going out of the house. Lint can build up in these areas and, if air flow becomes restricted, clothes don't dry properly, more electricity is used, and it puts you at risk for a house fire.

Get your window screens, decks, driveway and outdoor surfaces clean and repair any damage. Also, remember to get your lawnmower ready.

Vacuum and remove debris from the refrigerator coils to improve the efficiency.

Replace batteries and test smoke detectors in your home. If the smoke detector is ten or more years old, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. Learn more about testing your alarms.

For more spring maintenance suggestions, click here.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Flooring Dealer,

           Matt Capell
           President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Do you dine in a restaurant or on your cell phone?

You go out for dinner one evening, after ordering and looking around the restaurant, you notice a family at a nearby table. Something looks odd. Soon it becomes clear. Not one of them is talking or looking at each other. Their downward facing heads give the impression they’re asleep, but the odd twitch and flurry of activity in their fingers makes it clear they’re awake.

This is a modern mobile device family and they’re not as odd or rare as one may think. One-third to three-quarters of all people (depending on where you live) are now using mobile phones with Internet access to email, electronic messaging, and social networks – primarily Facebook.

In fact, the worldwide web is so prominent that one in five people learn what is happening with family and friends online first. Yet this technology means in-person communication between people, like that family at that nearby table, is diminishing. People can be at the same table, but with their focus out ‘there’ somewhere, there is little to no interaction.

Restaurateurs and chefs know handheld devices can negatively impact a diner’s experience. They prevent people from enjoying each other’s company, conversation, and the taste of the food. By using the cell phone to access the world or take pictures of food, patrons eat their meal at less-than-ideal temperatures. That impacts the flavor and experience.

Some restaurants have found creative ways to keep cell phones put away by offering discounts and other incentives not to use them while dining. While other restaurants find value in patrons using cell phones because when they take photos and share them out on social media it helps their marketing and online profile.

As you enjoy the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations - no matter what restaurant you dine in - enjoy and stay present with the company you keep. That online world will be there when you’re done. 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Flooring Dealer,

           Matt Capell
           President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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