Saturday, December 26, 2015

Do You Say "Car-ml" Or "Car-a-mel"? - Capell Flooring and Interiors

You can often tell what part of the country a person is from by their pronunciation.  It turns out that – for certain words – there’s a distinct regional preference.
For example, what do you call the small crustacean, relative of the lobster, which can be found
throughout North America?
Depending on where you live, this creature may be known as “crayfish”, “crawfish” or “crawdad”.  People in the northeast favor “crayfish”, those in the south prefer “crawfish”, while “crawdad” may be heard in pockets of the central and western states.
What you put on to go to bed at night might be “pajamas” where the second syllable sounds like “jam”, but only if you live in Canada and the north and western US.  If you live in the south and east, the second syllable sounds like the “a” in “father”.
Someone in the Midwest or Canada might request “pop”, for much of the US it’s “soda”, but the Deep South ask for it by brand name.
As to “car-ml” and “car-a-mel”, those of us in Canada and the eastern third of the US prefer three syllables, while those in the rest of the continent lean toward two!
 How do you say it? :)
      Your friend,               
     Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Top 10 Uses For the Internet - Capell Flooring and Interiors

There’s more web surfing than ever in the world these days.  It’s hard to believe we’ve gone so far down this road that 25 years ago most of us didn’t even know existed!
Here are the latest figures from the International Telecommunications Union, which has been in business for over 150 years:
“New figures released by ITU today (May 2014) indicate that, by end 2014, there will be almost 3 billion Internet users, two-thirds of them coming from the developing world, and that the number of mobile-broadband subscriptions will reach 2.3 billion globally.”
So what are all these people up to when they’re online?  Here – without delay – are the top 10 uses for the internet, as reported by
1.     Social networks
2.     ?
3.     Email
4.     Online video
5.     Search (general research)
6.     Online games
7.     Blogs
8.     Online radio
9.     Online newspapers
10.   Online magazines
What’s number 2?  It’s the ever popular “Other”!
Thanks for reading! Good luck slipping in some last minute Christmas Shopping and have a great weekend!
      Your friend,
     Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Vitamins - Capell Flooring and Interiors

We all know about vitamins, but often forget which does what and where they come from.  Here’s a simple list to help you keep them straight.
Vitamin A
Good for:  vision, skin, bones, cell growth and immune system
Found in:  colorful fruits and vegetables like carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, sweet red peppers, mangoes
 and dried apricots; also found in liver, tuna and whole milk.
Deficiency:  night blindness, compromised immune system (vitamin A deficiency is unusual in developed countries)
Vitamin B
A spectrum of vitamins including thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, B-6 and B-12
Good for:  formation of red blood cells, deriving energy from food
Found in:  fish, poultry, meat, eggs, dairy, whole grain breads & cereals
Deficiency:  anemia, skin problems
Vitamin C
Good for:  maintains immune function, benefits many bodily systems
Found in:  fresh vegetables and fruit, especially citrus fruit
Deficiency:  gingivitis, impaired healing, scurvy
Vitamin D
The “sunshine” vitamin
Good for:  bones, teeth
Found in:  fish & fish oil, egg yolk, beef liver, cheese; made by your body when your skin is exposed to sunlight
Deficiency:  rickets, bone pain, muscle weakness
Vitamin E
Good for:  antioxidant, protects against heart disease and age-related eye disorders
Found in:  spinach, almond, avocado, squash & pumpkin, broccoli, olive oil, sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts
Deficiency:  hemolytic anemia (unusual in developed countries)
Vitamin K
Good for:  blood clotting, protein modification
Found in:  dried thyme, basil & parsley, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, olive oil
Deficiency:  raises the risk of excessive bleeding,
But if some is good, more is not necessarily better; taking extra amounts of A or E can lead to overdose, and some like K can produce dangerous drug interactions.  So before taking supplements, make sure to clear it with your doctor. 
A healthy diet and sensible sun exposure should fill most if not all of your dietary requirements.  

     Your friend,
     Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

From a Galaxy Very Near You| E-Home Advisor July 25, 2015 - Capell Flooring and Interiors

It’s not very often that scientists admit they drew incorrect conclusions from an experimental result.  But this assumption led to an Olympic-sized wave of speculation that spread around the world.  And it was all dead wrong.

Our story begins in 1998 at the Parkes Observatory in New South Wales, Australia, when a mysterious signal was first identified. 

Fast radio bursts called perytons were sometimes detected by the station’s equipment. These signals appeared to come from all directions, lasted only a short time and did not seem to have any predictable pattern.

For 17 years, the phenomenon continued, giving rise to many theories.  Speculation ran all the way from a new theory of cosmic waves to alien communication.  A typical headline of the time read:  “Mysterious fast radio bursts from outer space:  Astronomers baffled, admit they could be alien in origin.”

Finally in the spring of 2015 PhD student Emily Petroff and her team discovered the truth:  "…tests revealed that a peryton can be generated at 1.4 GHz when a microwave oven door is opened prematurely and the telescope is at an appropriate relative angle."

Turns out the waves were being produced by the microwave oven in the observatory cafeteria, but only when people opened the door while the unit was still running.

So what conclusions can we draw from this story?
  1. Don’t make unwarranted assumptions
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions
  3. Don’t believe everything someone says, even if they’re a scientist
  4. Do check your microwave oven for leakage and never open it while it’s running.
Your friend,
Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors

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Dr. Andrew Baird – Meridian, Idaho

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The True Story of Humpty Dumpty - Capell Flooring and Interiors

Hi Matt,
The True Story of Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
We all know the poem, but what does it mean? 
Many people think Humpty Dumpty was a giant egg.  That is the way he’s portrayed in Alice in Wonderland:  a giant egg with feet, sitting on a wall.  Some scholars – yes, there are nursery rhyme scholars – believe the poem is a riddle, with “egg” the answer.
Some theories speculate Humpty Dumpty could have referred to a specific person in history, like King Richard III.
But other people believe Humpty Dumpty was an extremely large cannon in Colchester England.  At a time of civil war, in the summer of 1648, this enormous cannon was placed on top of a tower.  It did great damage to the opposing forces until they targeted all their fire on the tower, knocking the cannon off the top. When it fell it shattered and could not be reassembled.
There’s an earlier version of the poem that seems to support this interpretation:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Four-score Men and Four-score more,
Could not make Humpty Dumpty where he was before.
King, cannon or egg?  Makes for an interesting choice...... I'd love to hear what your favorite story like this is if you have one...

Your friend,
Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July | Capell Flooring and Interiors - Home Advisor

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Hi Matt,

The 4th of July is great in the Treasure Valley, and I wanted to highlight a few celebrations that I have attended over the years locally.

Melba, Idaho has a fun 4th of July celebration.  In high school, I played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament there and had a lot of fun.  The atmosphere was fun, there was lot to do, and the firework display was great.  In more recent years, my family and I have gone to the Middleton, Idaho, 4th of July parade that is held in the morning.  My kids especially like the grand finale where the firetrucks spray water on everyone and you can play in the water in the streets.  It is an excellent way to start off a typically hot day.

Being from Meridian, Idaho, we like to participate and watch the Meridian fireworks display in the evening that take place at the Meridian Speedway and surrounding area.   The aerial display is always great and fun for the whole family.  When I was younger living in South Meridian on top of a hill, we would watch the fireworks all over the valley that were coming from Hawks Stadium, Eagle, and the Speedway across the valley. 

Capell Flooring and Interiors wants to wish you a very Happy 4th of July.  Keep safe, be grateful for the wonderful country where we live and the troops that keep us safe, and enjoy a hot dog with your family.

Your friend,
                Matt Capell – Owner Capell Flooring and Interiors

P.S. I would love to hear a story about your favorite holiday and why, or a good story for Independence Day from you!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

How Flowers Can Get You in Trouble? | E-Home Advisor June 27, 2015 | Capell Flooring and Interiors

Hi Friends,
What does it mean if you give someone daisies?  Is it appropriate to send red roses to a new boss?  Are lilies only for funerals?
You may not know the answers to these questions, but rest assured someone does!  It’s best to do a little research on flower-language before sending your next bouquet.
1)  Daisies stand for innocence – an appropriate gift for a younger person
2)  Red roses are right for a passionate love, but not for your boss!
3)  Lilies stand for innocence, the restored innocence of the departed soul in the case of funerals.  Best to avoid for the living as it may be misunderstood.
Wait, there’s more:
  • Give yellow chrysanthemums to someone you secretly admire.
  • Pink carnations are an expression of gratitude.
  • Red tulips are a declaration of love.
  • Yellow carnation are cheerful
You can see how a simple bouquet could get you in a world of trouble here!  
Fortunately, most florists provide a wide selection of mixed bouquets, and better yet lots of good advice.
Your flooring consultant,
Matt Capell - President of Capell Flooring and Interiors


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Do You Still Write Checks | E-Home Advisor June 20, 2015 - Capell Flooring and Interiors

Hi Matt,
Back in the old days – which in financial terms is 20-30 years ago :) – pretty much everyone with a bank account wrote checks.  People still do, but the numbers are declining rapidly, since there are so many other options.
Three decades ago, most banks still returned the cancelled checks, which served as excellent proofs of payment.  “Cancelled” means your financial institution stamped it on the back with the date they made payment from your account.
Then more people began paying with credit cards, debit cards came on the scene, but primarily a new system of fund transfers came into play.
You’ve been using this last one for years: it’s called AFT (automated funds transfer) or EFT (electronic funds transfer).  This is how most people pay auto insurance or internet fees or gym memberships.  Once you give the payee your bank encoding info, they take the payment out of your account each month automatically. In fact, most people are paid this way, by direct deposit into their account.
There’s another system you can use for paying bills, one you control more directly.  Financial institutions now – even the smallest – have internet banking.  Through a secure connection, you can access their list of payees and set up your bill payments online.  You can pay service providers when you like or on a recurring basis, say $100 on the 15th of every month.
Your financial institution provides a confirmation number – at the time of payment – which you can use as proof.  If a provider ever does dispute payment, the bank will back you up.
But if you’re looking for ironclad proof, there’s the good old-fashioned money order.  These may cost a tiny bit more than checks – and a certain number are generally included in account packages – but for security they can’t be beat.
  • Only the person to whom the money order is payable may cash it.  This is true of checks as well, but checks are easier to forge. 
  • The funds are taken out of your account immediately:  the money order is like currency in that way.
  • You receive a duplicate on the spot, proof that the funds were transferred from your account to the money order.
  • The money order can be traced by the bank if any questions do arise.  They can trace where, when and into whose account the order was deposited.
Oh, and about that gym membership, the one you cancelled two years ago but they keep taking the money out of your account?  Your financial institution can help you there too…stop payments work very well, especially if they send it back “refused”.
Your flooring consultant,
Matt Capell - President of Capell Flooring and Interiors
P.S.  Who is the next person you know who needs new flooring right now?  Can I count on you to pass my name along to them?  You’ll be doing them a tremendous favor by referring them to a professional they can trust.  Plus you’ll be rewarded for your referrals, just ask us how with our new Referral Connections program!  Thank you!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sleeping in the Dark | E-Home Advisor June 13, 2015 - Capell Flooring and Interiors

Hi Matt,
If you’re having trouble sleeping – and many of us do – here’s something you may not have tried.
We have more than one biological clock in our body as it turns out.  Recent research indicates that pretty much every organ has its own circadian rhythm and keeping them in sync helps us keep our sleeping schedule intact.
A number of consequences stem from disrupted sleep:  blood sugar control is impacted, hunger hormones disrupted, blood pressure raised and immune systems compromised.  So in addition to the stress of not getting enough sleep, you can add the risks of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and getting sick more often.
So what can we do to make all our body clocks happy?  One thing for sure:  keep a routine.  Decide what the best hours are for you, given that you should likely get 7-9 hours for optimum health.  Let’s say you’d like to get up at 7am and go to bed at 11pm.  That leaves 8 hours of sleep, which is plenty. Now stick to your schedule.  After a while, it will become routine.
But the best plan for getting to sleep is keeping it dark.  Those circadian rhythms set us up to sleep at night and be active during the day.  That means we need bright light in daytime – which many of us don’t get if we’re indoors – and darkness when we sleep.
So here are your best strategies – even if you work shift work and have to be up all night:
  • Get some bright light during your waking hours.  If you can, take the opportunity to step outside on your lunch break.  For shift workers, bright artificial light does the job too.
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark.  You can use “blackout” curtains if you have to sleep during the day.
  • No devices that shed light.  This means televisions, tablets and above all smartphones.  In fact, staying away from light sources and screens for an hour before bedtime is a great idea.
Your flooring consultant,
Matt Capell - President of Capell Flooring and Interiors

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Art of Vacuuming – Capell Flooring and Interiors

The Art of Vacuuming – Capell Flooring and Interiors

The proper vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do to prolonging its life. Removing the dirt actually helps maintain the appearance of your carpet by preventing “pile crush.” Pile crush occurs when infrequently vacuumed fibers get matted-down by heavy foot traffic.
It may seem obvious, but do you know all techniques to vacuum your carpet? Here are a few helpful hints to make household cleaning and vacuuming more beneficial to your carpet:

1. Dust your room from “the top-down” before. Allow gravity to work for you as you clean.
2. When your vacuum cleaner bag reaches half-full, change it. As bags or containers begin to fill-up, they become less efficient.
3. Store things like shoes off the floor to make vacuuming in closets easier.
4. If you live in a two-story house, go ahead and get two vacuum cleaners: one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Don’t let to the hassle of carrying your vacuum cleaner up and down a flight of stairs keep you from the proper vacuuming.
5. To clean carpeted stairs, work from the top–down with a hand-held vacuum cleaner.
6. Setting the vacuum cleaner height correctly really does make a difference.
7. Always look for the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval on vacuum cleaner equipment and attachments. It’s your assurance that you’re buying the best tools for the job.
In order to achieve proper vacuuming, it should ideally occur about once a week in most homes. The more traffic you have in certain areas, like hallways, around entrances, etc., the more often you should do it.

These tips come from one of carpet manufacturers Beaulieu- Thanks!

Be sure to checkout Professional carpet cleaning advice for tips on how proper vacuuming should work in conjunction with professional cleaning. More information can be found at the Beaulieu® of America Carpet Care Guide & Warranty Information.