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In 1856, at Boston’s Parker House Hotel,
French chef Monsieur Augustine Francois
Anezin created the Boston cream pie. In
1996, Massachusetts declared the Boston
cream pie as their official dessert. The
traditional Boston cream pie is a yellow
cake filled with custard or cream and
topped with chocolate glaze. Although it is
called a Boston cream pie, it is in fact a
cake, and not a pie. The dessert acquired
its name when cakes and pies were cooked
in the same pans, and the words were used

While not every state has an official state
dessert, they all have treats they are known
for. Some make sense, like saltwater taffy
in New Jersey, cheesecake in New York
and Mississippi mud pie in, well,
Mississippi. Some are more of a
headscratcher. Utah does have an official
state dessert and it is jell-o. That probably
doesn’t boost their tourist trade.

Missouri’s official state dessert is the ice
cream cone, but gooey butter cake is the
confection that shows up on the “best of”
lists. This fabulous treat starts with a layer
of thick, buttery yellow cake baked with a
gooey filling of cream cheese, powdered
sugar, and eggs.

Nebraska’s notable dessert, the popcorn
ball, has the most fantastic origin story.
Nebraska is the country’s leading popcorn
producer, growing about one-quarter of our
national supply. Per Slate magazine,
popcorn balls were invented during a day of
wonky Nebraska weather: First heavy rains
sent syrup flowing from sorghum grass into
the cornfields, then extreme heat caused
the corn to pop, and finally a tornado swept
the sugar-coated popcorn into clusters.

Take a look at these lists and see what
sweet treat your home state is known for,
and use them to plan a trip to your next
delicious destination.

United Sweets Of America Map

Best Desserts In The Country

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