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Landlord's Guide to Flooring in a Rental Property

 Landlord's Guide to Flooring in a Rental Property


At some point, you will want to change the flooring in your rental property. The reason may be that the flooring has lost its appeal after serving you or the former owner for many years. This is the most common reason landlords replace the flooring in a rental property, says Windermere Property Management.

Another reason may be that you are renovating the property and want to upgrade the flooring to something that will match the other changes you have made in the rental. You may also want to change your flooring to something easier to manage. 

Regardless of your reason for wanting to replace the flooring in your rental, you still need to decide what kind of flooring to install. Choosing a flooring material that matches your rental needs can be challenging with the number of flooring options. 

The flooring in a rental property matters because: 

  • Because flooring changes the ambiance of the entire home, it can work with or against the overall design of the rental to improve or diminish its appeal.
  • The flooring is one of the first things potential tenants see; the wrong choice will hurt your ability to attract the best tenants. Flooring also influences the rental rate for rental.
  • The flooring you choose has implications for the operational cost of the property. The wrong flooring will make it more complicated or expensive to maintain your rental.


What is the best flooring option for a rental property? What criteria should you use when selecting that flooring? Below are the things you want to consider when choosing flooring for a rental.

Beauty: The flooring should complement the style of your property. You want to be sure that it will appeal to the kind of tenants you are targeting.

  • Cost: Cheap flooring in an upscale rental or expensive flooring in a low-budget rental doesn’t make sense. Flooring should justify the price point for the rental.
  • Durability: How long do you expect the floor to last? You have a choice between flooring that you will replace every few years and flooring that will last for decades.
  • Installation: The cost of installing the floor and the time it takes are essential. If the rental is already in operation, do you want flooring that will take ages to install?
  • Maintenance: How much work will you and your tenants need to do to keep the flooring clean? Is the floor easily damaged? 

The best flooring options for a rental property 

1.    Hardwood 

Hardwood can be sanded, resurfaced, or stained to give it a different look. Hardwood floors are so durable that they can last a lifetime. When it comes to flooring, hardwood is in a class by itself. No other flooring comes close to the appeal and character you get with hardwood, which is why no other flooring is often designed to mimic hardwood. The only issue with hardwood floors is cost. Hardwood floors are not the cheapest option and require a bit of care. They are best for upscale rental properties.


2.    Tile

Tile is a highly versatile flooring option with various colors, designs, and finishes. Tile is available at various price points and is very durable. The problem with tiles is that it has limited application. Tiles won’t work in some rooms because they don’t convey that sense of warmth which is often a huge factor for prospective renters.


Also, tile floors feel cold underfoot; they may not be the best option when trying to create comfort. Tile is best used in areas where moisture and dirt are significant issues; entryways, mudrooms, laundry, kitchen, and bathroom.


3.    Vinyl plank 

This is one of the most popular flooring options for rental properties, partly because they let you recreate the appearance of hardwood flooring without the cost of natural hardwood. Vinyl plank is affordable and easy to install; it can go over the existing flooring in your rental (no need to spend money tearing up the old floor).


Vinyl planks come in two varieties; a glue-down version and click-in vinyl planks. Both types of vinyl planks are easy to install, come in several color options, and are easy to clean.


4.    Carpet

Finding another flooring option that offers the level of coziness you get with carpets is hard. The trouble with carpets is that they get dirty quickly and are easily damaged (rips, stains, and fraying). Also, you can only clean carpet floors so often, so they are not a very durable option.


That said, carpets are still a great flooring option if you use them correctly. Carpets are an excellent choice for bedrooms. You can also deploy area rugs in different parts of the home; they can go over hardwood floors, tiles, or vinyl planks to add more warmth to a room.

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Even with warm weather lingering, we know that Summer has come to a close, and we are all transitioning into another beautiful Fall season.  We love these transitional times at STORE.  They provide an opportunity to reflect and look forward to the future and everything in store for us.  The fall season brings with it weather, style, and color changes – in the world and in design!

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NOTE:  We always want to take the opportunity in September to let you know that although the holidays still feel like a long way off, they’re really just right around the corner!  If you are thinking about having new flooring installed in time for that big Thanksgiving Dinner you’re planning, now is the time to reach out!

The last thing you want to be scrambling to get finished before the first guest arrives is an interior design project.  Having your beautiful new flooring finished early allows you plenty of time to stress getting that turkey the perfect bronze color just as everyone sits down at your dinner table.

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