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How to Upgrade a Home Office on a Budget

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Working from home is not going away soon, so you should consider upgrading your workspace. To upgrade your home office, you don’t need to break the bank as you can reuse many items already in your home. With a small budget, you can create a conducive working environment in your apartment or townhouse. Here are the ways you can upgrade your workspace on a budget, presented by Capell Flooring and Interiors.

Use Your TV as an External Monitor

A small screen size can hurt your productivity, so upgrading to something bigger could make your work easier. If you have a small laptop screen, you don’t need to buy an external monitor as your TV can work just perfectly. You need an HDMI cable, an HDMI adapter, and a wireless keyboard to create a clean setup that will allow you to complete tasks faster. While some laptops come with an HDMI port built-in, some new models offer a USB-C adapter or Mini Display Port. If you want an extra visual workspace, you can use your TV as the second monitor. Choose the option to extend the screen instead of viewing on a second monitor. This comes in handy when creating content, as it allows you to handle all files in the same place.

Add Plants

Adding plants to your workspace impacts your mood and productivity. Some of the benefits of office plants include the ability to reduce stress, clean the air, and increase productivity. Plants make your workspace more attractive. Seeing greenery and nature promotes calm and can reduce stress, helping you focus on the tasks before you. You can adopt one or two plants to get a mental boost. If you have pets, research the plants that are safe for animals. Place some of the plants on shelves out of your pet’s reach.

Comfortable Furniture

It’s good to splurge a little on a comfortable office chair. Because you spend a lot of your time sitting on a chair, it’s a good investment. Figure out what’s the most comfortable for you. Get a chair that is supportive and comfortable. Features like height adjustability are good and ensure there’s enough padding to keep you in good posture. You can buy it from an office supply store and sit on the chair to know how it feels. If you’re ordering online, check that the store offers a return policy in case the item fails to match your expectations. Also, ensure you have a desk that can accommodate your items, and consider adding storage shelves to your office for the organization. 

Improve Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to fatigue, eye strain, stress, accidents, and headaches. Invest in good office lighting for benefits like less drowsiness, improved mood, fewer mistakes, reduced eye strain, and fewer reports of headaches. If you do zoom calls, you need a lighting setup that will make you look fabulous. Even a classic adjustable table lamp will work perfectly in your home office if you know how to position it. This offers clean lines and flexibility and can help you focus on tasks.

An upgrade on your lighting system is recommended if you don’t have natural light. While making improvements, you should consider changes like your overhead lighting that can boost your property value. This is important if you’re looking to sell soon. Take before-and-after photos to highlight the changes.

Improving your performance in your home office can be a matter of adding a few items like better lighting and more comfortable furniture. These enhancements don’t need to cost a lot as you can find budget furniture that will work perfectly in your home office.

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