Saturday, July 10, 2021

What the Color You Wear Says About You | E-Neighborhood Advisor

Take a good look at your wardrobe. Are there any colors that stand out? Do you have a particular color that you tend to choose over others? Well, that might say something about who you are, according to Stars Insider magazine.

Color psychology shows us that colors have an impact in different areas of our lives, so it's natural that the colors we wear have something to do with who we are as individuals.

The color of elegance, seriousness, and intelligence, black also signals prestige, power, and authority. People who wear black are often more concerned about their personality rather than their appearance. They tend to be competent and insightful.

Blue is the color of loyalty, intelligence, efficiency, and trust. It's not by chance that it's a favorite when going to a job interview, or that so many uniforms have this color. People who regularly wear this color are often calm, kind, courteous, and sometimes even shy. Blue happens to be my favorite color. :)

Red is the quintessential color of passion and romance. It conveys power and vibrancy. People who like to wear red are usually exciting and energetic.

White is associated with purity and innocence, but also freedom and new beginnings. People who wear white are usually organized, optimistic, and even somewhat perfectionists.

We associate yellow with the sun, which means light, happiness, and laughter. It also increases concentration (think traffic signs). Yellow is the color of active, creative, and uplifting people.

Gray is all about balance and maturity. This color is fairly subtle and tranquil. Those who like to wear gray prefer not to draw excessive amounts of attention to themselves, and to keep a more low-key presence.

Orange is a fun, cheerful, and energetic color. People who wear orange are usually the life of the party. They tend to be lively and friendly.

People who wear brown are usually reliable, and stable. They're also strong, intelligent, and rational.

We tend to associate purple with luxury and wealth, as it has been used for centuries by royals and the clergy. But the color is also associated with mysticism and spirituality. People who wear purple are usually creative, dreamy, passionate, and emotional.

I have decided to throw in a little fun this week. I'm interested to know what your favorite color is! The first 10 to tell me will be sent a couple of gift certificates for a free drink at the Human Bean, so act fast so you can be one of the first 10!
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P.S. Here's a joke for you!
What do you call purple when it is being mean? 

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