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Squirrel stew, jelly beans, and hoecakes: Here are some of the favorite foods of the presidents | E-Neighborhood Advisor

This November when we’re thinking about all
things presidential, Business Insider has
shared the favorite foods of all of the

Presidents have hundreds of staff members to
cater to their every whim during their time in
the White House. Though the Executive
Mansion hosts some of the country's most
exclusive and upscale dinners, each president
has different tastes for their everyday fuel. 

From squirrel stew to cheeseburger pizza, here
are some of the most unusual favorites. You
can read the whole list here:

Thomas Jefferson: Mac and cheese
Jefferson discovered macaroni during his
European travels and is credited with
popularizing the food in the U.S. after he
brought a machine for making the pasta back
from Naples, Italy.

Andrew Jackson: Leather britches
Jackson's favorite dish has nothing to do with
sturdy pants but is a term for green beans
cooked with bacon. 

Martin van Buren: Oysters
The half-shell snack was just one of van
Buren's favorite foods, in addition to
doughnuts, raisins, figs, and meat. 

William Henry Harrison: Squirrel stew
Harrison's proclivity for nature might have
contributed to his taste for squirrel, which was
a common protein at the time in a variety of

Andrew Johnson: Hoppin' John
Southerner Johnson's comfort-food favorite is
made with black-eyed peas, rice, chopped
onion, sliced bacon, and salt. 

James Garfield: Squirrel soup
Garfield was the second president to count
squirrel as one of his favorite meals, which is
nearly unheard of today. 

Grover Cleveland: Pickled herring
Cleveland was a bachelor when he entered
the White House in 1884 and told a friend he
wished he could pass up the luxurious meals
for "pickled herring, a Swiss cheese, and a
chop instead of the French stuff."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Grilled cheese
According to Henrietta Nesbitt, Roosevelt's
White House housekeeper, FDR loved grilled
cheese sandwiches in addition to other classic
American foods, including scrambled eggs,
fish chowder, hot dogs, and fruitcake.

Richard Nixon: Cottage cheese and
Nixon's unusual favorite of cottage cheese
and ketchup would raise eyebrows any time of
day, but the president especially liked it for

Ronald Reagan: Jelly beans
Reagan was obsessed with the colorful snack,
and at one point reportedly ordered more than
300,000 to be placed around the Capitol,
White House, and other federal buildings each

George H.W. Bush: Pork rinds
The president reportedly caused sales of the
snack to skyrocket while he was on the
campaign trail and identified them as his
favorite, particularly when they were topped
with Tabasco. 

George W. Bush: Cheeseburger pizza
Former White House Chef Cristeta Comerford
told reporters after the president left office that
Bush loved what staff called "home-made
'cheeseburger pizzas' because every
ingredient of a cheeseburger is on top of a
margherita pizza."

Barack Obama: Nachos
The former president told comedian Jerry
Seinfeld that nachos were one of his greatest

Donald Trump: Fast food
Trump has a well-documented affection for
fast food. From serving it in the White House
to getting it delivered to his private plane, the
president has said Burger King and
McDonald's are among his favorites because
they promise a standard of cleanliness that's
hard to verify at other restaurants.

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