Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome to January 2020 | Capell Flooring and Interiors

Dear Friends,
Happy New Year! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing in 2019 – now we have officially hit 2020!!!
It feels unreal. So this month we will be kicking things off with all our plans and goals so we can make 2020 the
absolute best year ever. Imagine yourself closing the door on 2019 and let’s look at areas that we can improve
in 2020.  One area we should start with first is the home. Let’s be honest, your home is where all the ideas,
memories and comfort flow from. It’s a place of refuge from a long day at work or even a place where you
celebrate with family and friends. As Marie Kondo would say, start looking at the areas that don’t spark joy
for you.  It can be small improvements to begin with like new curtains; then you can work your way to more
noticeable improvements like the new flooring or new furniture. Even if its baby steps of progress like looking
for quotes it’s still a step forward. After planning improvements in your home, you can look at other goals you’d
like to achieve in 2020.  Maybe set some goals that you were scared to attempt in 2019. You’ve got this!
Your friend, 

Matt Capell

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