Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Welcome to March 2023 | Capell Flooring and Interiors


Dear Friends, 

March is here again, and with it, our latest welcome into the new month!

We never quite know what to expect from March.

Is winter going to hang on a bit longer, or is it going to warm up?  It feels like the coldest bit of winter is behind us, but there may still be cold, wintery days ahead.  With wintery weather comes muddy floors and boot tracks through our homes, which can really do a number on our flooring.  If your floors have suffered this past winter and you’re thinking of a refresh this spring, it’s the perfect time to consult our team on the best floors for your home.  Don’t wait!

We generally have a bit of a waiting list to complete installations, so please head on over today to see us!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you have a wonderful month!

Your friend, 

Matt Capell of Capell Flooring and Interiors

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