Saturday, October 17, 2020

Most Popular Halloween Costumes | E-Neighborhood Advisor

Have you decided on your Halloween costume
yet? With the holiday a few short weeks away,
now is the time to choose. Will you be spooky
or silly? Naughty or nice? say
these are the most popular costumes to rock
this October.

Anyone from Tiger King

One of the most unforgettable things to come
out of this past year (and there are plenty to
choose from) is Netflix’s Tiger King. There’s no
way to ignore this show’s impact on pop
culture, and there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing
plenty of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin
costumes floating around this Halloween.

Anyone from Hamilton

We are not throwing away our shot to dress
like one of the characters from Hamilton. Since
it was released on Disney+, there’s definitely
been an uptick in fans of the musical since its
original Broadway run. You can always go as
Alexander Hamilton himself or choose one of
the iconic Schuyler sisters.

The Masked Singer

It’s one of the most absurd (and enjoyable)
shows on television, and there’s no doubt in
our minds that The Masked Singer will reign
this Halloween. While it’s not likely you can
create a costume quite as elaborate as the
ones on the show, you can always put your
favorite face mask to good use and add a
microphone for a fun play on the show.

Cliché Influencer

Put on your trendiest outfit (puffy-sleeve crop
top or a maximalist street style ensemble,
anyone?), then go around filming yourself
doing, well, everything. You can say things like,
“A lot of people have been asking about my
beauty routine” or “So many people have been
messaging me about this outfit” to really seal
the deal.

Quarantine Couch Potato

Throw on a tie-dye sweatsuit and fuzzy
slippers (plus your mask!) and carry around a
thing of hand sanitizer this Halloween. The
quarantine couch potato couldn’t be an
easier—or more timely—costume to create this
year. Just make sure to take plenty of photos
so that you can look back in 10 years on how
strange this time was.

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P.S. Here's a joke for you!
I went to a Halloween party dressed as a mushroom.
The people there thought I was a real fun guy!

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