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How to fix or minimize scratches and their appearance in Engineered Hard...

Hi, I'm Matt Capell here with Capell Flooring and Interiors here in Meridian, Idaho. Hey, I've got a quick video for you today. A tip. So what I have here with me today is I have some engineered hardwood and so engineered hardwood just for a quick recap, it basically has a veneer on top, and then below that, it's usually some plywood or pressboard or something else. So the top itself is wood, but the rest of it is not.
But one thing that we get asked about is, how do you deal with scratches or problems on the floor? And so if you have a dark for like this and you get some scratches or things like that in it, it's actually really quite easy to minimize or make those go away because as you can see has, these are called chatter marks or cross-checking, and they can tend to be black.
And in this particular wood, it tends to have kind of a black grain. So really the way to fix that is you just take some markers, you can use Crayola markers or Sharpies or different things. So in this case here, I've got a black and a brown one. So we're going to experiment with both. But basically, if I take this marker and I color that in like that...
And so I'm just going to color on these for a minute. Now mind you, this isn't a perfect fix, but with hardwood really you should be gauging your hardwood on whether or not you can see things if you're standing up and looking down. Any hardwood will have imperfection or problems with it, if you're combing the floor like a bloodhound, so stand up while assessing your floors.
So the National Hardwood Flooring Association tells you to look at your floor as if you're standing up. And so this isn't too much different. So in this case, I did that. So you can put a little moisture on your finger, whatever, but basically, you just rub those in. So it's not exactly a perfect fix and that's why sometimes you see how I'm rubbing that out there. So you get some of the residue off.
If you need to, you can dab your finger in some water or if you're up to it, you can lick your fingers a little bit, but see how I'm rubbing it a little bit, creating a little bit of friction on it, and then you just rub it in like that.
If you look really closely, you can see it a little bit, but basically, if you're standing up, it goes away for the most part, and that just looks like another, as you see up here, like another chatter mark or crosschecking. And if at first, it doesn't look so great, you can always try again and try a different color, but you can usually use like Crayola markers, those work really well, these black ones.
You can see in the past, I had already fixed something here with a black one, along here, and you just rub it in like that. So basically at the end of the day, I mean, I had a bunch of white and marks here, and this works especially well with darker colors. If you're standing up and looking down this floor, you're not going to see them anymore.
So I know it sounds kind of silly, but just using markers from like Sharpie or Crayola or whatever will... And make sure it's like the color of your floor. So, if your floor is red or orange or whatever, you'd need a different color, but that's just an easy way to fix and minimize problems and make scratches go away in engineered floors.
So hope this tip helps you. If you have any questions, let me know. Feel free to share this with others or like it, or ask questions. And I try to respond to everything. Thanks so much.

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