Saturday, August 10, 2019

Home Improvements that Matter | E-Neighborhood Advisor

You can make your life more comfortable and improve the value of your home at the same time with some low to mid-range improvements.

A list of 35 home improvement projects in Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report all showed a sale price increase.

Here’s their top 10 improvement projects in the mid-range of cost to you:

1. Entry door replacement (steel)
2. Deck addition (wood)
3. Attic bedroom
4. Garage door replacement
5. Minor kitchen remodel
6. Window replacement (wood)
7. Window replacement (vinyl)
8. Siding replacement (vinyl)
9. Basement remodel
10. Deck addition (composite)

For homeowners with a smaller budget, here are some lower-range improvements that can still boost resale value:

1. Very minor kitchen remodel – consider replacing the hardware and facing on your cupboards rather than replacing the whole cupboards
2. Scaled down bathroom remodel – repaint cabinets instead of replacing them
3. Add a ramp and handrails, create a separate outside wheelchair access
4. Entry door replacement (composite)
5. Paint trim around door and windows

Even if you’re not selling your home, these improvements may make your life more pleasant. You’ll enjoy coming home to your upgraded home features!

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