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What does an act of kindness do for you? | E-Neighborhood Advisor

Did you ever see the movie, Pay It Forward, that got released to theaters on October 20, 2000? It was based on a novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. In that story, a small town classroom assignment takes on a life of its own and spirals positively through people’s lives until it reaches a city reporter states away.

The movie is an example of what can happen when we think outside the box and outside ourselves. It also shows the affect on a person when they take steps to make someone else’s life better. In fact, there are some positive side effects worth noting.

The Beneficial Warm Rush

If you have deliberately done something good for someone else, you may know that warm feeling that sweeps over you. With it flows oxytocin, a positive heart hormone that helps reduce blood pressure. It also helps reduce inflammation and aging organisms in the body.

The Community Impact

Doing good for other people, especially a stranger, brings people closer together. Not only are we drawn to the kind hearted, receiving an act of kindness causes many to want to reciprocate or pay it forward. It’s contagious! The unexpected result is feeling a stronger connection with those around us.

Getting Outside Ourselves

Acts of kindness - holding a door, buying a stranger a coffee, donating to charity, raking a neighbor's leaves - improve our moods, can reduce our stress, and the more we do for others, the happier we can feel. In fact, doing good for others can cause stressing circumstances to be less worrying.

Small or large, let’s do something to improve the life of another.

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